Full Lifecycle Security For Infrastructure & Applications

Incorporate Incidents Immediately. Handle the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time detection/containment of common and unknown threats – as well as zero-day payloads. Don’t just respond; with HAMI, you can swiftly contain and remediate incidents

HAMI A Strong Performer in 2019
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Read the report to learn why we think the HAMI Security team’s expertise and AI-driven technology can maintain your organization with a positive and active incident response when you most need it.

AI-Driven Threat Prevention

When your system is intruded the quicker you act the fewer damage your data, devices, and network will obtain. Our first-of-its-kind advanced AI approach provides quicker results with minor interruption to your organization.


We analyze your security posture to determine if a intrude happened or is actively occurring. Our AI powered technology provides you quick accurate response.


We ensures that incidents are thoroughly remediated, and threats are removed from the environment.


Our AI driven solutions help consultants give quick and accurate results to swiftly contain and remediate incidents.


Boost visibility and insights for progressive threat detection and response capability. HAMI helps you see how attackers are focus on your environment and act sooner.

Industry-Recognized and
Certified Experts

We are the leading AI industry recruiters. Our environment and exceptional approach attracts and retains the ultimate talented experts in the world with wide domain expertise across security, data science, and software development. Our expert team has worked on some of the highest-profile incidents/breaches.

Gain the Advantage

Exhaustive File Appraisal
Proven AI/ML Methodology
Get an advantage to wipe out chain and counter incidents before they happen, not after data, systems, and prominence is damaged. We can constantly look back forensically to evaluate past attacks, to address vulnerabilities.
Exhaustive File Appraisal
Faster, More Accurate Results
Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, results are numerous, systematic, and come quicker – in weeks instead of months. Achieve outstanding visibility, signs of a previous intrusion can be calculated across all operating systems and devices.
Exhaustive File Appraisal
Low System/Organizational Impact
No agent/hardware installation means swift response times, lesser costs and threat actors are not put on guard. Native scripts pull in meta data for cloud analysis accepting the consultants to work remotely for cost savings.
Exhaustive File Appraisal
Prevention is the Goal
Our expertise team works swiftly to resolve the incident and restore operations – safeguarding the event is contained and remediated, and the organization’s security pose is also enhanced to counter future attacks.