Secure Your Business With Robust Protection

Attacks Are Evolving, So Should Your Security

Cybersecurity is a intense threat for the energy sector, transforming national security, public safety and the economy. Safeguarding the utilities that caliber our lives has never stood more important.

A Critical Industry
at Risk

As the energy industry often more connected, managing and securing the rising fleet of connected devices is more essential than ever. Attackers are taking benefits of the vulnerabilities formed by the gap between IT security and operations. HAMI holds technology and services to close the gap and make it more complicated for hackers to penetrate systems.

End-to-End Security Solutions

Personnel Accountability

HAMI Account enables real time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis management. It empowers commanders to determine which personnel are safe and which need immediate response.

Collaboration Across Organizations

HAMI Connect helps enable shared situational awareness with HQ or across networked organizations, strengthening coordination when every second counts.

Mass Communication

Communicate via all channels (telephone, smartphone, networked computers, mobile devices), to contact personnel across the entire organization. Alerts may also be sent to sirens, radios, fire and similar devices.

Situational Awareness

HAMI enables your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. See what’s happening at an incident scene, and mobilize rapidly for an effective response.

Smart Grids Require
Intelligent Security

The possible influence of cyberattacks is high in the energy industry, as typical electrical energy infrastructure moves towards more distributed yet more integrated and ‘smart’ electrical grid systems.

Networked Crisis Communication
for Critical Events

HAMI Hoc networked crisis communication blends critical communications within and among organizations, their people, devices, and outside entities. It’s the most shielded solution in the market, curical industry and government necessities.

Digital Transformation in the
Resilience Energy Infrastructure

Resilience Through Peer Reviews

Resilience of energy networks is a key focus of these reviews, as they help to ensure that members are able to react and adapt to changing conditions. This is done by assessing their ability to identify existing or emerging risks and offering policy recommendations where appropriate.

Weather & Climate Resilience

The energy sector faces multiple threats from climate change, in particular from extreme weather events and increasing stress on water resources. Greater resilience to climate change impacts will be essential to the technical viability of the energy sector and its ability to cost-effectively meet the rising energy demands driven by global economic and population growth.

Digital Resilience

In 2019, the HAMI turned its focus to the impact of digitalisation on the energy sector. Energy systems around the world are becoming more interconnected and intelligent. This expansion brings many opportunities, but also new challenges as suppliers and governments seek to ensure the security of these systems.

Secure & Manage Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

Organizations today face a chaotic environment as cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, and pervasive, while the numbers of connected enterprise endpoints and the amount of data shared at the edge grows exponentially.

To bring order to this chaos, a comprehensive approach to endpoint security and management is essential to protect against and remediate cyber threats, while providing visibility across all endpoints. HAMI enables a Zero Trust security environment focused on earning trust across any endpoint, including desktop, mobile, server and IoT. It continuously validates that trust at every event or transaction, authenticating users to deliver a Zero Touch experience.

Consulting Services

Ransomware attacks are hitting every industry. The Hami team can evaluate your security posture to see if a security breach is happening or has already occurred.

Hami offers solutions to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats with consulting services and tools tailored to your needs. Services include mobility diagnostics, penetration testing, forensic services and IT security training.