Prescriptive Security for Healthcare

Healthcare Organizations Care for Patients and Their Data

Cybercriminals have little concern. Targeting data – financial, insurance, health files, even medical devices – as a way in. Our AI-driven technology supports IT staff by preventing attacks, and securing the vulnerabilities of modern healthcare data, technology, and systems.

By Industry

ThreatConnect for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face unique security challenges, from the sensitivity of patient data, to the rigor of compliance requirements. Using HAMI®, analysts and SOC teams can work together more efficiently and effectively to overcome these challenges, to identify threats faster, and automate detection and response.

Real-Time Visibility for Increased Level of Patient and Hospital Security

With Playbooks, map relevant indicators to your organization to instantly alert both humans and other technologies to ensure timely response. Also, Hami crowdsources intelligence data seen by healthcare organizations, helping you better understand which IOCs are most relevant to you.

Key Healthcare
Cybersecurity Challenges

Secure Patients’ Health Reports

IT systems holding and transforming sensitive and private details about individuals form an pleasant target for cybercriminals. We comfort to secure both patient and staff data against mugging, loss or corruption.

Ensure Scope of Healthcare Services

We recognize that disruption to healthcare services may have a destructive jolt on patients’ health, so our cybersecurity solutions have come up with reliability, resource-efficiency and resilience to boost operational continuity and minimize downtime.

Keep Intellectual Property Safe

Research labs create and house assets in the form of transcendent property that obtain a high value not just to stakeholders, but to cybercriminals. Our solutions evolve into an flexible cybersecurity ecosystem to keep those assets intact and secure.

Maintain The Honor

The prominence of a healthcare efficiency is a non-negligible asset. A cyber-attack – regardless of its nature - will harm integrity if reveal to the public. We help weaken the risk by sharing our threat intelligence and expertise, and by implementing the most advanced security tools.

Integrate with Industry Specific Solutions to Foster Collaboration

Ingest and share threat intelligence across organizations with HAMI flexible ecosystem. Take action and make the most of resources provided by NH-ISAC and other industry groups with a Platform designed to determine relevance.