Secure Your Infrastructure for Protection and affliation

endpoint-to-endpoint commence to protect your organization

As security leader, HAMI is eminently positioned to enable and motivate the delivery and support of eLearning, teaching and administration, with controls to safeguard information and individual privacy.

Education’s Digital Evolution

The immense variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices utilized on premises by students and faculty set up a significant opportunity for anywhere, anytime and device learning. Consistent time, schools are frequently challenged to meet determining compliance requirements and shield security.

Mobile Devices on Premises

Students expect mobile learning and remote access to information
15 to 24 year olds own one or more mobile device. 50% own three or more.

Post-graduate researchers consider mobility to be essential
25 to 36 year olds own at least one mobile device, it’s the largest consumer age group.

Mature/senior staff use mobile devices for day-to-day tasks
32 to 50 year olds consume mobile data, and 46% email on mobile devices.

Education Is a Favorite
Ransomware Target

Prevention and Remediation

HAMI offers two corresponding service offerings to help organizations address the prevaling ransomware threat. safeguard your systems and environment.

Ransomware Prevention Is Possible

Advanced sticky threats and malware silent wave, but it’s ransomware that is finding hold in today’s cybersecurity landscape.You can defend against it.

Threat Spotlight: Rescue Ransomware

Rescue ransomware is a malware carries attacks on a user’s personal device, most often because he or she opens a corrupted email attachment or clicks a corrupted link

Secure & Manage Your Diverse Set of Endpoints

Today's progressive learning environment is dynamic, leaning steadily on digital access for remote learning, educational apps, and administrative file keeping. However the lines between desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables and even IoT are moderating.

To take order to this chaos, a extensive approach to control endpoint security and management is necessary to protect against and remediate cyber threats, while allowing the visibility across all endpoints. Hami Trust security environment keen on earning confidence across any endpoint, along with desktop, mobile, server and IoT.

Enable Teamwork While Protecting Your IP and Data

Whether it’s for research, work handling, course information, or administrative documents, a safe file sharing solution is essential to protect the data, your IP and all premises users.

HAMI Workspaces offers a document-standard solution which takes care of secure access and collaboration across all devices. Faculty, staff and students are idle to benefits like their device of choice, from laptops to tablets to smartphones.