Signatures Can’t Keep Up

Over 350,000 New Malware Samples Are Deployed Everyday

Signature-reliant solutions cannot keep pace with modern threats. Legacy solutions are a delayed reaction – with bloated layers and ever-growing system taxing updates that have become an enemy in of themselves. AI-driven security is the path forward, and HAMI makes the transition painless.

Replace or Co-Exist, We Can Help

Fast Deployment, Easy Transformation

Deploy HAMI AI-driven solutions swiftly and efficiently. You can steadily install our solution with your aging layers of antivirus system still in place – to assures that you’re never endangered or impeded, constant for a minute – and then uninstall them at your ease.

Step by Step Migration

HAMI solutions coexist with others – thriving your protection by contagious what others miss. Your legacy solution can keep looking for known threats, while HAMI services provide a significant advantage, which accurately catches both known threats and unknown threats, before they carry out the execution.

Ten Signs It's Time To Review Your
Endpoint Protection

Take a closer assess at the ten signs to help you resolve whether your endpoint protection can legitimately protect your organization today and for the future.

Replacing Your AV? What To Consider


Security is an investment. Investing should provide greater returns – like accurately catching threats before they perform, without conceding systems (HAMI products quarantine files, not computers) or your team’s valuable time responding to each new threat.


There is enough twist in life. Let AI take pressure off your shoulders. HAMI AV installs in minutes, pitches quickly, and begins transferring value immediately. Our fine tuning can even help you see outstanding value faster.


Daily scans and regular confirmation updates noticeably delay both networks and individual systems. HAMI Protect analyzes files before they execute, with usage of minimal CPU power while delivering extraordinary significance.


From vendors to consultants to regulators, HAMI rank highly with security controllers with customer satisfaction. We are signified/certified compliant with many industry guidelines to help you meet your given requirements.

The Next-generation Antivirus,
Powered By AI

Regular antivirus can’t keep up

Regular Antivirus often uses a signature based model, which is dependent on capturing new viruses in the wild and builds a master list of malware for users to download. This creates an outstanding vulnerable to zero-day attacks and modern threats which can reform themselves too rapidly for signature updates to catch.

A different approach

HAMI uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to presciently protect you, hampering threats like malware, hackers, viruses, ransomware, and malicious websites. It accomplishes this even if existence flimsy and easy to use.

HAMI’s AI has been demonstrated as efficient against threats -- even requiring updates -- over 2 years into the future.

How HAMI Uses AI to End tomorrow’s Threats, Today

Modern AI Training

We use cloud-based supercomputers and millions of illustrations of malicious programs to train a functional net, a kind of digital brain, to identify threats.

Download & Protect

When you purchase HAMI, this is what you download onto your computer - a fragile 'brain', trained to catch and quarantine viruses.

Detection In Milliseconds

HAMI sits in the background, instantly identifies threats the moment they arise and reacting in milliseconds - unlike other antivirus software which needs constantly scan for threats.

Complete Protection

Our AI quarantines files it recognise as threats, allowing you to reports individual threats on you and your family's computers.