Dedicating Our Experience To Our Clients

As an information technology company, HAMI helps organizations assess their needs and plan thereby implement the right technology for the goal, budget and time line. This assures a custom tailored solution to integrate with existing environments and provides a growth path for the future.

We believe everyone deserves the
right job

We believe employment is the backbone of our society, and everyone deserves the right job. Today you get the job based on who you might know and not what you are capable of doing. Tomorrow, we will give you the information you need to pursue your best career path.

Leaders in Advanced Cyber Security We’ve brought the world’s
best team together.

Our team are experts in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, search, personalization, and enterprise solutions. We’re applying our experience in delivering technology at scale to solve employment, finding the right person for the right role at the right time. This is our mission. This gets us going every morning. Help us make it happen.

HAMI Capabilities

Help customers among the world corporate leaders with create new opportunities and confront the most strategic challenges in a global perspective. We bring in front you with a global perspective for the clients; lay out with strategic services that would be through our expertise across the client life cycle.

HAMI Culture

A successful Manager has a frantic challenge of getting the best out of his workforce irrespective of any critical situation. He can do so only by keeping them motivated. A motivated workforce is an assurance of quality performance delivered.