Internet of Things (IOT)

Our IOT Advantage

A World progressively connected, with IoT/Embedded Systems. The thick breadth and complexity is stunning, and a tremendous endeavor to secure and support. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven path helps weaken risks - in medical devices, security systems, cars, etc. - for enhanced business results.

Safeguard Near-Infinite Points of Vulnerability

Medical Device Security Assessment

We analyze and evaluate security issues correlated with medical devices - threats and vulnerabilities that may impact patient confidentiality and safety. By securing devices you can ensure their availability, integrity and reliability.

Embedded System Security Assessment

Our team evaluates the components which are most likely to be exploited and perform the huge system impact. By identifying hidden security risks in embedded devices, they can be secured and guarded from the risk of cyberattack.

Vehicle Security Assessment

Aided by advanced AI, we can pinpoint how vulnerabilities can be introduced, map the attack surface of matter and components, and manipulate threat modeling/assessment of entire vehicle systems.

Med Secure Assessment Framework

Identify inconsistency in clinical information security set up by evaluating people, processes, and tech correlated with the defense of critical patient care systems – like medical devices or laboratory machinery.

Why HAMI for IoT and
Embedded Systems ?

Comprehensive Device Security

Hackers attack remotely and when they acquire physical control of a device. Go beyond key analysis, deal with the entire ecosystem, supporting systems, satisfying storage schemes, and data encryption.

Highly Skilled Consultants

We maintain industry-dominant world-renowned proficiency and understandng leadership. Get our deep knowledge of embedded devices and network infrastructure services for your organization.

Proper Safeguards

The best moment to address device vulnerability is during the development lifecycle – to shorten risk of device failure and liability disclosure. We help our clients to establish and be constant with industry best practices.

Fact Driven Remediation Strategy

We provide extensive reports and documented results to client stakeholders, including a key remediation roadmap to amuse operational, prudential and governance requirements.

Additional Services forAdded Insight

Med Secure Assessment Framework

Evaluate the instant maturity of clinical information security programs and their impact on security and risk. The framework determines what processes, procedures, documents and technical controls should be stick in place to promote advance the organization to take care of down the maturity roadmap.

Secure Your Infrastructure With HAMI

Engaged in a single risk assessment that deals with industrial control systems, medical devices and enterprise security.

Threat Modeling With Red Team Services

Initiate an assessment of a software system’s security risks and threats that have the greatest potential to impact an application. The in-depth analysis of embedded vulnerabilities will be covered at a technical level, focusing on the common vulnerability types that can be found in embedded applications

Advancing Security & Understanding

Risk Concern is the Destination for Security Information

For data security, the convenience has always been with the attacker. But we’re changing that – through advanced technology and by sharing information. Risk Concern is your root cause for news and insights about threats, trends, security challenges.