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We accelerate your business with Artificial Intelligence based technologies.

We are Innovative “Digital Security” company specialized in building Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence

A New Approach To AI

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When a threat is intruded, security workforce must be able to obtain critical data and accomplish a root cause analysis to take on the origin of attacks and how an attacker initiated to compromise the endpoint.

Visibility Informs Action

If a computer acts irregularly or it is suggested that an endpoint may be at risk of determining, an organization’s protection toolkit need to deliver the visibility required to make absolute judgments.

Expose Hidden Threats

Obtain the next step, detect, and expose invisible threats where they can be eased. Considered a task for leading security analysts, AI-driven make easier to understand the process by making it feasible to every member of your security team.

Automate Threat Detection

To root out threats sooner or they can cause intense damage, a modern approach to threat detection that concern static, machine learning, and custom rules is essential to verify and block advanced threats.

Extend & Augment Your Security Strategy with the HAMI
Consulting Team

While HAMI automates threat detection and response processes, the HAMI consulting team of certified professionals can help you recognize and mitigate threats even quicker with less resources, while our Threat Awareness service offers unique support for all of our solutions.


Applying AI at scale

Determined from isolated deployments and proof-of-value to cover-all industrialization of AI across the business, extending the business gains throughout the organization

Transforming business processes

Applying resourceful technologies to boost or automate operations, and enable the collaboration of new business approach.

Making business more competitive

Making the best use of AI to design new products, services, and experiences, offering enterprises the scope to exceed their current market gaps to the level of digitally intuitive companies.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

C-suite and IT professionals across every industry are looking to AI to bolster security at their enterprise.

74% of security teams say AI-powered tools have prevented more breaches than non-AI tools

82% say that they are investing in AI to beat their competitors

76% of security teams say that AI has found threats that humans couldn’t see

80% say that teams that use AI have become more productive