Industry Solutions To Fulfill Your Needs

Industry-Specific Security Expertise Is Here

Data has end up into a central component of every business, from leading day-to-day activity to understanding how to grow the organization. It’s also been entity by cybercriminals. Threat elimination is possible, let us show you how to fix for your industry.

Financial Services


HAMI can help you gain a competitive advantage by uniting your employees to the information they need, on the devices they require, while protecting client data.


HAMI offers solutions that will empower you to establish associates between internal teams, partners and clients while safeguarding client confidentiality.


Central Government

Field-proven solutions from HAMI can help government enterprises develop a global, unified approach to security to protect highly confidential data and communication, and shield against current threat tactics.

Defense and Security

In an environment where lives are consistently at stake, defense your communications, personnel and systems is necessary. HAMI solutions offer the security and resiliency you need.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Hami offers solutions to help enhance your approach and communication across incident coordination, evidence gathering, criminal investigations, and records and data management.

Professional Services


Secured communication and collaboration are crucial to safeguarding your information, as well as your clients' confidential data. When security is your highest priority, HAMI is your only choice.


Healthcare Providers

Leverage verified HAMI data protection efficiency, such as secure containers, military-grade encryption, secure network operations center (NOC), and app-level security strategies to safeguard your most sensitive data.

Life Sciences

HAMI offers resolution for pharmaceutical and medical laboratory undertakings to help carefully improve, methodologies while protecting sensitive data.



HAMI empowers to build secure, scalable, and trusted software solutions that enables the future of connected and autonomous cars.

Rail Safety

Obtaining certification to functional safety standards brings new challenges for Safety is designed uniquely for industrial, railway transportation and robotic systems that are integral, flexible with functional safety standards

Transportation and Logistics

HAMI Radar offers deep insights into non-powered transportation assets, motivating organizations to increase usage, reduce sustaining costs, save drivers’ time and boost customer service offerings.


Universities and Colleges

As the leader in mobile communications security, HAMI is incredibly positioned to empower and encourage the delivery and acquisition of eLearning, teaching and administration, with controls to safeguard information and individual privacy.

Consumer Industries


Retail security activities are invaded on commerce. HAMI can help you enhance a true resistance, with comprehensive integrated endpoint security and management and safeguarding-oriented AI-driven technology and services.

Utilities and Manufacturing


Safeguard against and respond to the threats your energy network and systems face. Secure IoT and embedded devices as well as their associated ecosystems while retaining the competence to build and widen in the future.

Industrial Automation

We offers a extensive portfolio in assessment and certification services for your industrial Solutions and components, with depth strategic ideas in order to gain compliance with internationally suited safety and cyber security standards.